Great Wall Chinese Restaurant
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The Great Wall Restaurant

     We here at The Great Wall have taken on quite a responsibility. With the choice of such an immensely imminent name comes the equally tremendous challenge to live up to, and pay contribute to, that name.
     For centuries The Great Wall of China has stood as a testimony to the ingenuity and industriousness of our Chinese people. Construction of The Great Wall began during the “Warring States” period of China’s history (403-221 B.C.) and ended during the “Sung Dynasty” period (960-1279 A.D.) Stretching between the two cities of Shanhai-Kwan in the east, and Jia-Yu Kwan in the west, The Great Wall has a total length of over 2,500 miles. Untold millions of dedicated patriots slaved mercilessly for the completion of this fortification which meant protection of their homes and fellow countrymen. It is the dedication if these men, our ancestors, which has inspired us to serve you, our guests and friends, nothing less than the ultimate best.
     Mandarin cuisine is just that – the ultimate best in Chinese foods. The Mandarin art of cooking originates from the city of Peking in northern China, and of the four major Chinese conventional cooking styles. Mandarin is considered to be China’s Classic cuisine. The word Mandarin initially meant a high-laced government official. It has evolved to mean aristocratic or of high rank. The Mandarin style of cooking is therefore THE gourmet cuisine of China.
     The manifold flavor is the chief characteristic of Mandarin food. Many dishes are simultaneously sour, sweet, hot, salty, and aromatic. One is often surprised by the first taste. Subsequent samplings will then bring one to the delicious realization that there is an exotically mystical logic in use and preparation. Mandarin cuisine is so very unique and colorful in character that it stands out to be one of the world’s best cuisines. To serve you warmly with tasty foods and to let you feel the enjoyment of dining in our restaurant is our goal and please. We sincerely wish you enjoy your meals in Great Wall Restaurant.